Oct 112012
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The Hamburg mat filter is a filter for the air lift principle, the large mainly through its filter area and his long life offers. It also produces the Hamburg mat filter, precisely due to the large surface area of ​​only a very weak vortex, so that even the smallest basin residents can not be sucked. With proper operation of the Hamburg mat filter is very low noise, by the sound of the diaphragm pump apart, and it also gives very low noise devices.
The disadvantages of the filter are firstly the relatively large amount of space, its appearance and the fact that it produces no particular flow, which it is not suitable for some aquarium inhabitants. As for the look I would advise you to hide the Hamburg mat filter behind high water plants, or replant the filter pad with even small plants or mosses.
For the classic Hamburg mat filter requires, addition to a suitable diaphragm pump, Air Hose, best with a variable valve, two pieces of cable duct in the length of the proposed filter height ( the filter must be positioned over the top surface of the water ), a piece of conduit with Matching corner, the reach clipped together about ¾ of the filter height, Aquarium silicone, or another suitable adhesive, and a minimum Ausstömstein, but also on the, the expense of reduced noise, can be dispensed.
In preparation, we cut out the parts, the filter mat, the conduit and the two pieces of cable tray, to. Then we cut on a side of the corner piece, on the outside of the surface of a few cm far from, by bursting the bubbles and no bubbles form on the water.
It is important that the classic Hamburg mat filter be installed before using the pool must, want to bring in retrospect you have to rely on the mobile version. If in addition to a square, Plastic requires high.
For the classic version you will first sit in the corner of the filter is to, usually one naturally assumes the worst viewable area. In this corner, you then sticks, course for an appropriate distance corner, the two manhole parts perpendicular to the pool wall, care being taken that is somewhat depressed by the silicone through the holes. Allow to dry overnight the whole. Now take the sponge and filter presses in on both sides in the cable channel and pushes in to the pelvic floor. Now you drill a hole near the top to the mat and puts through the corner piece of the cable pipe, so that the vacancy is facing up, alternatively it can also attach to the top of the filter mat. Then you put on the cable pipe and the air diffuser leads down into the conduit, where it may be beneficial to the air hose, of course, is connected to the Ausströhmer, with cable ties to the tube to moor. Then the ground will be filled into the pool, the ground ensures that the filter is tightly below, and keeps it in the form. In principle, the filter is now, naturally in only with water basin, operational, it is simply about the valve to the desired flow.

For the mobile version, take the plastic box and removed a corner, so that stops at each of the sides and bottom edge of another, on this edge and sides to the Bonds is now a filter sponge, and then continues as before the classical model, important is it for the mobile version needs something to complain, as it floats otherwise.

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