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  1. Nun ja, man sollte dazu sagen: frisch gesprießte Algen werden gerne mal angenommen, zusätzlich. Ein veralgtes Aquarium werden noch nicht mal Amanos von den Algen befreien können, auch wenn sie gerne aus verkaufstechnischen Gründen dafür angepreist werden.
    Man sollte generell niemals Tiere kaufen, damit sie einen bestimmten Zweck erfüllen: Der Schuß wird immer nach hinten losgehen.

    • Hallo,
      das stimmt, mit dem Thema Tiere als Mittel zum Zweck hab ich mich schon in anderen Artikeln beschäftigt, und werde es wohl auch bei gelegenheit wieder. Ich denke halt das Algenbekämpfung sich immer auf frische Algen bezieht, aber du hast natürlich recht, wer sich zwerge anschafft und in ein komplett veralgtes Becken setzt wird wohl enttäuscht werden :-). Selbst die meisten schnecken schaffen das nicht, selbst wenn sie die Algen fressen, putzen sie sie nicht komplett weg, sondern man sieht nur die Frasspuren in der Algenkruste ;-), wer sich Tiere anschafft muss halt auch bissel Arbeit einplanen.HAst übrigens selbst ne sehr nette Seite, wobei mir bissel die Bilder fehlen.

      • Freshwater fish and living coonntidis, are we doing too much?Hello,My question is with regards to fish and coonntidis of living. I have always been intrigued by the living coonntidis that pet shop provide to freshwater fish on sale. I’m not a resident of the United States. Pet shops in my country provide the minimum acceptable living coonntidis to their fish, no soaking of pellets before feeding, water changes only once a month and overstocked and dirty aquarium. Yet, I’ve observed that all the different varieties of fish even the supposedly more sensitive ones such as dicus which requires clean water stay in good health for a long time. I mean they look healthy, their fins are not clamped etc. We aquarists have always been taught that we should do regular weekly water changes and take many steps to keep our goldfish healthy and prevent diseases. So how come, the goldfish at the pet store apparently do not get sick for such a long time. In spite I try as far as I can to provide good living coonntidis for my goldfish, they always get sick. The fish I bought got sick, I tried to cure it but in vain. I don’t understand where the problem is, should I perform less water changes as the pet shop. Are we exaggerating when we strive to provide optimum water coonntidis to our pet fish and thereby diminishing their resistance to pathogens.

        • Goldfisches are dont neet weekly wather changes, yust change the wather 1 in month 1/3. but this shoul not make the fisch sick. Test your wathe qualitie an use an Conditioner. but first of all, what kind of tank you are use, if it is one of this round fish glasses, thats is the matter. You shoult keep Goldfisches everitime in a swarm I think 3 minimum, thats means if tou have 3 fisches with 10 cm at least a tanl of 70Liters. You need a good filter and best 5cm soil at the graound with plants, and you need to run the tank 4 weeks bevore you put the fisches in.

    • How do I set up a self-sustaining freshwater aquuriam?I’m planning to do this as a science project. And no, I’m not going to throw everything out afterwards. I’ve always wanted an aquuriam so this is my excuse to get one (genius, right?). I’ve researched on fish a lot (library, online, everything) but have never actually kept one. It’s 50-65F inside the house at all times during winter and around 70F in summer. My local petshop has 10 gal tanks on sale, so I’m planning to use that.What species of plants and fish (or any other kind of animal) do you suggest I get?What essential equipment do I need?Is there a specific type of substrate which I need to use?The fish is supposed to feed on algae, right? So how do I get the algae to bloom?And what kind of things should I do for my project? Well, maybe I’ll get a heater and try changing temperatures gradually to see how it affects the fish and monitor growth rates of plants. Anything else?Btw, do you think it’ll still be called self-sustaining even if I use a filter and lighting? Well, I’ll try to cut down on everything, so what’s essential? It’s counted as self-sustaining as long as I don’t feed them, right? Urgh, I don’t know, it’s a science project. I need to get my ideas approved first before I do it.Also, I know what kinds of fish I can and cannot put inside a 10gal aquuriam, but surely there’ll be further limitations because they’ll have to survive on algae?Also, you mentioned tetras and guppies. But aren’t they tropical? Please suggest some temperate fish, my parents are going to complain if I raise the bills too much.I wasn’t planning on keeping fish. More like ghost shrimp and and a snail. Would that work?

      • First, sorry for the bad englisch. 10 gal meand ca 40L rigt? I think thats a little small for your projekt, as bigger the tank is as better it runs. But if you want to tri it ich dont would use Guppys. TZhey are getting to much babys, if it schult be fishes use a pair of bettas or something. But for such a small tank you better try small srimps, like Neocaridina heteropoda or aridina cf. babaulti. Put at least 5cm soil at the ground, and slowly growing plants. To get out the nutrients you should use swim plants like Pistia stratiotes. If you dont use a Filter you have to chanche the water 1/3 once a week with clean wather (best is water out of a spring, if you use supply water you neet to condition it). I dont think you can drive it without lighting, and you need a light that comes near the sun spektrum and it schould bee very bright. You will also need snails at least some Physidae and some Melanoides tuberculata. bevore you put the snails in you should run the tank 3 weeks without water changing than wait 2 weeks more make a 1/3 change and put the srimps in. You will have to gardening the plants ang clean the glass, that may work, i hope i could help you, you should look next week in my blog because i write an artikel how to put srimps in a tank, thats diffrent from fishes.

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